viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013


I am sealed in. A few seconds ago, my feet were dry, but now I stand in half an inch of water. The water rises fast. My body rises, weightless in the water. Then the water covers me, sealing me into the box. The simulation is all in your head.
 photo tumblr_mw7pxkT3pU1qg8ggio1_500.gif  photo tumblr_mw7pxkT3pU1qg8ggio4_500.gif  photo tumblr_mw7pxkT3pU1qg8ggio2_500.gif  photo tumblr_mw7pxkT3pU1qg8ggio5_500.gif  photo tumblr_mw7pxkT3pU1qg8ggio3_500.gif

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